Juwel Lido 200

The cubic one – the LIDO 200 sets stylish accents with a sense for clear lines.
Exhibiting a width of 71 cm, a height of 65 cm and a special depth of 51 cm, the LIDO 200 is also perfectly suited as seawater aquarium.
The safety base frame ensures a particularly reliable placement and facilitates a problem-free arrangement of the aquarium without special pads.
Skilful workmanship from Germany, high-quality materials and perfectly coordinated technology ensure a maximum of quality and safety and consequently guarantee the longevity of the LIDO 200.

The Lido range of aquariums focus on the classic design. They feature all the benefits of the Juwel system, which enhance the living picture. Includes -Twin Tube Waterproof lighting . Filter . Pump . Heater . All Filter Media