Bonio Meaty Chip Dog Treats

Bonio Bitesize Meaty Chip biscuits are a mouthwatering low-fat combination of original Bonio and succulent meaty chunks. Made in the same factory from delicious wholesome ingredients for over 75 years, Bonio’s are also an excellent way of keeping your dog’s teeth clean. Their unique texture and shape aids in reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar, helping to prevent tooth loss and gum disease.

Bitesize biscuits are great for small dogs, mixing with original Bonio, with wet food, bring along on long walks, or just for a tiny treat! Certain to set tails wagging as soon as you reach for the cupboard you keep them in or send your dog charging in from another room at one rattle of the box, there’s a reason Bonio is the nation’s favourite dog biscuit!