Caledonia Sea Water, Reef Salt, Sea Salt & Mineral Salt for Marine Tanks

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ReeFlowers Caledonia Sea Water

is treated sea water free of organisms that could cause problems in aquariums, It does not contain any additives and has been enriched with highly purified minerals to achieve the closest possible match to natural ocean water in terms of salinity kH calcium magnesium potassium and strontium levels as well as trace elements that help ensure that living organisms stay healthy for a long time. It has been treated to remove elements such as phosphate nitrate iron and silicate which may promote moss growth. Caledonia Sea Water is similar to natural ocean water in terms of content. You may add Caledonia Sea Water to existing aquarium water in new installations to help establish natural habitat functions more quickly or you may use Caledonia Sea Water in the tank exclusively. It can also be used for water changes.








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ReeFlowers Caledonia Reef Salt

is specially designed for reef aquariums and made with all natural marine salt ingredients. The Caledonia Reef Salt contains no additives and has high levels of elements that increase coral growth such as calcium, magnesium, strontium and potassium.

These elements have been chosen for optimal solubility and consistency, and the salt mix was created using ‘Smart Particle Technology’ to have consistent and stable values when mixed into seawater for reef aquariums. 

ReeFlowers Caledonia Sea Salt

is also produced from natural marine salt and has been enriched with high purity grade minerals (kH, calcium, magnesium, potassium and strontium) to facilitate the fast, healthy growth of corals and other reef organisms.

Undesirable elements that can facilitate algae growth, such as nitrate, iron and silicate, have been removed.


ReeFlowers Caledonia Mineral salt

is a replenishment product that basically includes everything but the sodium chloride. Caledonia Mineral Salt is produced in conformity with the average consumption of aquatic creatures with around 360,000 ppm (20,000 dkH) carbonate (CO3), 120,000 ppm calcium, 20,000 ppm magnesium, and 10,000 ppm potassium in each 1 kg package.

Corals, fish and all marine life constantly consume many elemental building blocks which need to be continually replenished. Caledonia Mineral Salt puts into your seawater what reef life regularly takes out, helping to keep all the animals in your aquarium healthy and vibrant.