Colombo Crystal Clear & Healthy Water

Colombo Bi Clear purifies your pond water which results in crystal clear and healthy water in a natural way.

Colombo Bi Clear combines two natural components which together make the pond water healthy and crystal clear.

Component 1 works as a floating filter material and absorbs direct organic pollution and poisonous substances. In this way the build up of toxic materials is prevented thereby optimising the water quality.

Component 2 adds natural minerals which are essential for fish and plants and improves the clarity of the pond water by removing floating debris from the water.

These two components amplify their mutual effect making Colombo Bi Clear  very effective indeed.

Colombo Bi Clear Tip:

Use Colombo Algadrex to clear green water. Afterwards the development of green water caused by floating algae can be prevented with regular use of Colombo Bi-Clear