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Healthy Paws – Our new Dog food in store

100% Natural Ingredients


Rich in Vitamin CHealthy Paws Bag LChicken & Brown Rice

Grain Free


Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs


At Healthy Paws we produce 100% natural, holistic, nutritious, healthy complete dry & wet dog food, Supplements and treats.

All our food, Supplements and treats contain absolutely no preservatives, additives, flavorings, salt, added sugar, cheap fillers, chemicals or unnatural ingredients of any kind. They are all dairy free with no wheat or wheat gluten and with no by-products or GM products.

The basis of our dog food is born out of an ideal to provide a natural range to supplement a natural, holistic lifestyle for your dog.

We care passionately about the health and well being of our dogs. All our products are founded on a desire to provide a more natural way to feed your dog from a Veterinary and nutritionally educated background.

Our natural dog food, Supplements and treats are suitable for dogs suffering from skin allergies or food sensitivity as they contain no ingredients that are associated with causing such illnesses.

Check out the testimonials at http://www.healthypaws.co.uk/testimonials