Imac Linus Cabrio

The Imac Linus Cabrio offers a great, stylish way to transport your pet!

Suitable for: Cat, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Medium sized Parrot, Small Dog

The modern design of the Imac Linus Cabrio pet carrier is instantly striking. There are two access points, the first being the cage door, which is made of stainless steel and allows your pet to see what is going on around them, lessening the feeling of being enclosed and increasing comfort. The second access point is the open top roof! This is a really unique feature in the pet carrier world. The plastic makes this carrier very easy to clean, and hygienic.

The top of the carrier clips together safely and a handle allows easy transportation. Your pet can now travel in style!


Length: 50cm
Width: 32cm
Height: 35cm

Colours Available: Green | Blue | Pink