Komodo Ball Python Starter Kit

Product Description

The Komodo Ball Python Starter Kit provides the perfect accommodation for this increasingly popular species of snake. Ball Pythons, also known as Royal Pythons, thrive best in accommodation that is not overly large. They feel more secure and this usually results in a better feeding response as well. Ball Pythons dislike bright lights and in their natural habitat spend much of their time in small tight fitting burrows. For that reason heating for this kit is provided by the unrivalled Komodo Heat Mat

The kit includes the award winning Komodo Glass Terrarium (top & front opening), door lock, dual gauge thermometer and hygrometer, heat mat, Aspen Bedding substrate, cork bark hide, and a water dish. A comprehensive care sheet and set up instruction guide is included

Safety: Always monitor terrarium temperature and humidity closely. Over heating will cause snakes to suffer and die. Insufficient heat will result in lack of appetite and a decline in health

Optional extras: Komodo Straight/Angled Feeding Tongs, Komodo Bamboo Tunnel, Komodo Infrared lamp, Komodo Dome Lamp Fixture

Additional decorative material such as plastic plants, vines and additional hides can be purchased separately to enrich the habitat for the animal and owner alike

Box Contains


  • Each order comes with 1 x Komodo Ball Python Starter Kit