Komodo Bearded Dragon Advanced Kit

Bearded Dragons are great but it is important that, if you are keeping them as pets, they have suitable environment to live in. Thankfully Komodo have done all the hard work for you with this fantastic advanced set up all in one kit. It has everything you need to give your Bearded Dragon the best home possible.

Included inside the large 100 x 45 x 50cm vivarium you have a heat mat, lighting dome, UVB bulb, habitat thermostat, two Komodo thermometers, habitat bark, decorative vines, forest terrain, water/feeding bowl, insect dusting powder and to help you take care of your lizard there is also a care book. Everything provided in this kit has been designed in consultation with professional herpetologists so you are guaranteed the best results.

With easy access through the top and front of the vivarium and a glass lock for security you have the ultimate home for your Bearded Dragon.


  • Creates Perfect Environment for Bearded Dragon
  • 100 x 45 x 50cm Vivarium
  • Top and Front Opening
  • Komodo Terrarium Glass Door Lock
  • Items Included Listed Below


  • 1 x Komodo Advanced Kit for Bearded Dragons
    • Komodo Vivarium
    • Habitat Heat Mat
    • Lighting Dome
    • UVB Bulb
    • Habitat Thermostat
    • Komodo Thermometer x 2
    • Habitat Bark
    • Komodo decorative Vines
    • Forest Terrain
    • Water/feeding Bowl
    • Premium Bearded Dragon Insect Dusting Powder
    • Bearded Dragons care book