Komodo Glass Vivarium 30 x 30 x 45 cm Reptile Habitat Advanced

Ideal for housing climbing species due to the size of the tank.  It has great height so would suit tree frogs, some species of Geckos, spiders or even baby chameleons.

With the height in this tank you can go crazy with your landscaping, adding extras levels with your choice of decor.

Depending on your choice of animal for tank, you may want a small water feature which will be perfectly fine to use as the terrarium is completely water tight to door level.  As the terrarium is majority glass, the tank will fit into any home regardless of decoration.

Reptile keeping came of age with attractive terrarium design. Beautiful, well dressed reptile enclosures became living art to be proudly displayed in the home.

The Komodo Glass Terrarium is a design classic. With excellent visibility and easy access, this enclosure will appeal to reptile keepers with a flair for vivarium dホcor. Komodo Glass Terrariums also boast a range of features to boost reptile enrichment, support effective husbandry and promote excellent reptile welfare too.


Watertight base

  • Ideal for humid habitats
  • Ideal for semi-aquatic species

Removable mesh top

  • Increased ventilation to reduce build up of CO2 and other harmful pathogens
  • Easy access for trouble free maintenance

Glass construction

  • Create an ideal thermal gradient
  • Fabulous visibility
  • Maximum dホcor option
  • Tight fitting construction to prevent livefood escapes

Please note this product comes pre-assembled.