Krolik 140 & 160 Indoor Cage

Krolik is a range of rabbit cages designed so that both the mesh and the base can be completely dismantled. Krolik rodent habitats come in space-saving packages, thus minimizing their volume during transportation, while also ensuring that your rabbit has a very large living space, thanks to the design of the base with no flaring. They are available in different sizes and colour versions.
Newborn in the range, the models Krolik 140 and 160 are really large, also ideal to home more rabbits together, and complete with all comforts: inside, you will find a little plastic house with bowl, a partition with steps, feeder for hay and drinking bottle. Krolik 140 and 160 distinguish for an extension of 40 cm length (which can also be purchased separately as accessory) and is separated from the principal cage by a suitable removable separation grill. This module is ideal to let your rabbits to have a private quiet nesting area. The extension can be unlocked with extreme ease and this is also very useful for maintenance and cleaning operations. The habitats Krolik are besides equipped with useful frontal and side openings.

Easy to assemble, like all the cages in the Krolik range, the models 140 and 160 as well can be assembled in a short space of time: the sides can be detached from the base with a simple click.

  • Completely fully knock down system patented by Ferplast
  • Minimal amount of space and transport volume
  • Great comfort for your animal thanks to the original design of the base
  • Habitat with a separated extension with metal grill, ideal as nesting area
  • Wide space complete with accessories
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


Please speak to our staff in store to find the correct size hutch for your pet.