Nutriment Raw Dog Food


A full-grown adult dog should be fed around 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals. If your dog needs to lose some weight, try feeding slightly less than this quantity, or switch to a meat with a lower fat content, until the ideal weight has been achieved. Don’t forget that exercise is essential too! 

If your dog has been eating the same protein every day for months or years, there is a good chance he or she may develop an allergy to it.  Contrary to popular belief, dogs need diversity in their diets just like humans do – so don’t be afraid to mix up your usual order a bit and give your dog some variety!


Puppies may be introduced to our Weaning food from around 3 to 4 weeks of age.  After they have fed from Mum, try tempting them with a little paste, gradually increasing the amount over a week to ten days, when you may wish to switch to our Puppy food.

Once the puppy has been weaned, start by feeding 4-6% of the puppy’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over three or four meals per day.  Once the puppy reaches around 5-6 months of age, you may reduce the number of feeds to twice per day, and gradually reduce the amount to be fed to around 2-3% by the time the dog has achieved full size.


In general, dogs of seven years or more start taking life a bit easier, and as a result, their nutritional needs are different from those of younger dogs.  In large breeds, this change can occur even earlier.  Senior dogs are less active with a slower metabolism, so can be prone to gain weight, and they may also require support for their aging joints and immune system.  They, therefore, require a high-quality tasty diet such as Nutriment’s Senior Formula with easy to digest protein, lower calories and a balance of essential nutrients.


For streamline, high performance working dogs and ‘in-the-know’ breeders who like to have the last word when adding the last ‘loving’ flourishes to their dogs’ meals, this range is ‘Just’ the ticket. Our base range provides the perfect foundation blocks for a more hands-on, culinary approach to meal times.

With Just our base ingredients are meticulously planned and prepared to assist your dog’s recovery times, maintain their chiseled, lean physiques and wow their taste buds, whilst at the same time providing the perfect setting for other ‘beneficial’ ingredients to be added.

Our Just range comes in a multitude of fab flavours, plus additional ‘base’ ingredients.

Dinner for Dogs

Discerning smaller dogs are never easy to please. Our latest idea is perfectly proportioned, single portion meal solutions, geared specifically at meeting the distinct taste and nutritional needs of the UK’s expanding population of smaller, less active family dogs.

Once upon a time, such dogs gained something of an unfair reputation for being a little finicky at meal times, something that we actively refute. In reality, few pet food providers had historically taken the time to consider the distinct dietary needs of smaller dogs.

Dinner for Dogs is already making waves because the common consensus is it packs enough ‘moreish magnificence’ to turn the heads of even the most discriminating dogs.


Laverstoke Park Farm is spread over 2,500 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside near Overton. It is certified biodynamic by Demeter and Organic by the Soil Association. Biodiversity and the slow growth of animals and plants lies at the heart of Laverstoke. This begins with the soil which holds healthy bacteria and fungi resulting in over 31 different herbs, grasses, and clovers on which the cattle are reared. By following nature as closely as possible this farming style holds the greatest nutritional value for our pets as well as ourselves.

Our food for dogs is made of 100% raw British meat, offal and bone that is Certified Organic. It’s packed with beneficial proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 and life-enhancing vitamins and minerals to provide the very best nutrition for our dogs




… lest we ever forget, dogs were hunting and scavenging long before words like pellets, tins, conveyor belts & over-processed kibble had made it into the Oxford dictionary. Dogs and cats are finely-tuned carnivores, anatomically assembled to accommodate raw, ‘nutrient-packed’ meat.

Our BARF recipes, (Biologically, Appropriate Raw Food) are painstakingly prepared meals consisting of top-drawer meats, veg, and minerals, meticulously mixed to accurately replicate what your pet might have eaten in the wild, and what your domestic carnivore is meant to thrive on today!

Raw, unlike their cooked or over-processed rivals, provides extra nutritious goodness, enhanced vitality and stamina and a natural shield against all manner of unfortunate afflictions.



  • better overall health
  • better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
  • fewer and better-formed stools
  • better smelling breath, less tartar, cleaner teeth
  • glossier coats
  • more stamina
  • no itchiness
  • food enjoyment
  • a calmer, yet more focused, nature

As many of us have long suspected, nature tends to always know best