Petlife KarmaWrap – Dog Calming

Petlife’s KarmaWrap … like a hug, is an effective natural chemical-free wrap for calming your dog
when troubled with:
✔ Noise Anxiety ✔ Firework or Thunderstorm ✔ General Excitability Anxiety
✔ Car, Crate or Travel Anxiety
✔ Continuous or Antisocial
✔ General Nervous Behaviour
✔ Separation Anxiety Barking ✔ Lead Pulling

Choose KarmaWrap because …

  • Lightweight breathable 4-way stretch fabric
  • Simple to fit and easily adjustable
  • Water resistant, antibacterial and machine washable at 40°C
  • Made in Great Britain

KarmaWrap works because…like giving a hug, or swaddling a baby, the constant gentle pressure applied around your dog’s chest and torso help her/him feel safe and secure. With this wonderfully induced sense of security
she/he feels calmer and displays amazingly quieter and more relaxed behaviour.

KarmaWrap has been proven to work on 85% of distressed or anxious dogs and with a ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’, if returned within 45 days from proof of purchase you are assured 100% satisfaction.

Important measuring instructions

KarmaWrap is available in different sizes to suit the variation of size within each individual breed. To ensure correct size for your dog, measure completely around the chest, just behind the front legs.

XS 33 – 46cm (13″ – 18″)

S 40- 60cm (16″ – 24″)

M 56 – 71cm (22″ – 28″)

L 66 – 86cm (26″ – 34″)

XL 81 – 106cm (32″ – 42″)