ProRep Beardie Life Substrate

ProRep Beardie Life

A blended substrate to help create the ideal environment for Bearded Dragons and other desert species.

ProRep Beardie Life is part of the species specific “life” series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of Bearded Dragons and other desert species. In the wild there are few species that actually live on pure sand and so Beardie Life has been designed to mimic the sandy soil more typical of desert habitats. Beardie Life contains a mixture of sand and soil to create a realistic looking and feeling substrate which encourages natural behaviour, such as digging and foraging, and which aids the maintenance of a suitable environment. The addition of soil to the mixture reduces the risk of impaction sometimes seen with pure sand, while enhancing the moisture retention ability of the substrate.

In the wild many desert species of reptile will naturally spend time in areas of relatively high humidity, such as under rocks or down burrows, which aids with hydration and shedding. Beardie Life has been designed to allow keepers to reproduce this. When sprayed water is absorbed into the substrate and slowly released. By spraying under hides, or in specific areas it is possible to create local areas of humidity which the animals can use as they need. The may choose to spend the day or night in a humid area, rest there when shedding or simply dig in the damp areas to gain extra humidity.

Beardie Life is suitable for Bearded Dragons and other reptiles from arid environments.


ProRep Beardie Life is used on the floor of wooden or glass vivariums in exactly the same way as any other substrate. Simply spread over the base of the vivarium to the required depth, using rocks or wood to create an interesting landscape and different depths of substrate. If you are using living plants in your set up then it is best to keep the plants in their pots and then conceal the pots using décor. To create a planted desert Bio-active habitat then it is best to use ProRep Bio Life Desert Substrate.

When spraying Beardie Life to create areas of humidity, then a deeper layer of substrate in these areas will help aid moisture retention. Do not over wet the substrate and avoid electrical equipment. Exposure to constant humidity may damage wooden vivariums if they are not well sealed.

Beardie Life should be spot cleaned daily, removing faeces along with the substrate around it and replacing it with a small amount of fresh substrate. With daily spot cleaning it is only necessary to completely replace the substrate every 8 weeks, or if it becomes soiled or wet.

Like many day active desert reptiles Bearded Dragons require little additional night time heat in an average, centrally heated house. In very cold rooms then additional night time heat may be required and this can be supplied by using a ceramic heater, or heat mat attached to the wall of the vivarium. Heat mats on the floor of the vivarium are not recommended for Bearded Dragons.

When using with a heat mat:

The use of heat mats under the substrate is not recommended for Bearded Dragons which are best heated from above. In an average modern home they do not usually require night time heat but if additional, night time heat is required then a ceramic heater, or heat mat attached to the wall of the vivarium can be used.

Available in 10L size