Super Fish Panorama

This Superfish Aqua 60 Panorama Aquarium is stylish, conventional and would fit in well with any nicely decorated environment.

The curved glass exists to create a panoramic effect, helping the tank to omit a cool subtle vibe. Easy to set up, the beauty of this aquarium is that it is just as suitable for a novice, as it is an experienced fish keeper.

Complete with an internal filter and dual colour lamp, this is a great way of introducing something fresh and exciting to your home.

Aquariums are versatile, and traditionally fit in well in either a conservatory or kitchen area, yet could even look the business in a bedroom or hallway. Whereas a lot of tanks fall into the trap of being over-sized drab boxes, the Aqua Panorama boasts an easy-going tone and smart looking appearance.


  • Superfish Panorama 60 Black 55 Litres
  • Superfish Aqua Flow 200 internal filter
  • Dual colour light unit (24 Watt PL Light) built into hood
  • Feeding Hatch.

Dimensions: L53 x W41 x H47cm.