TimberFlake Shavings Animal Bedding

UK Product –

Fully Dust Extracted
Unique Sterilizing Process
Very Economical

Pine Free (Low in Phenols) Timber sourced from managed Scottish forests using Sitka Spruce. Exclusively guarantee no harmful pine residues are present in Timberflake.
Specifically engineered to produce larger soft flakes.

Timber flake is a warm comfortable unique bedding product.
Particles smaller than 3mm are removed reducing the likelihood of respiratory problems.

Perhaps the most important attribute of TimberFlake is the absence of dust. Our dust extractors remove particles smaller than 3mm, which results in a cleaner bed and reduces the likelihood of respiratory problems.

Using innovative design our drying system recycles super heated steam. We have created an incredibly energy efficient process that sterilises and conditions each flake, and conditions each TimberFlake.

As a small family business we have taken care in the design of TimberFlake. Unlike many other products TimberFlake is not a by-product but specifically manufactured to exceed your expectations.

TimberFlake – Produce of Scotland